Yoga Teacher Training Starts July 28-29th 

There are a few spots left! Breathwork, Mindfulness, and Meditation Class June 23rd 8:30-9:45 a.m. 16.00 to drop in or yoga pass from the Space Above ~ 

This Saturday June 23rd Join Breathworker and Mindfulness Meditaton teacher Gabrielle - 8:30-9:45 a.m. 

Breathwork, mindfulness meditation and guided relaxation - 
Reducing anxiety - finding rest - healing trauma ....

$16.00 to drop in or use yoga pass!! 
all welcome ~ option to ore register on line.

This practice begins on the back to open the breath. We transition to two sitting practices and conclude with a guided meditation on the back. Deeply restful and restorative and the inquiry teaches us to take mindfulness off of the mat and into the world.
Research now shows that meditation and mindfulness can help with mitigating stress, reducing anxiety, depression, peer relations, brain function, productivity, focus, problem solving, the heart.
And the list goes on.
When a consistent mindfulness practice is in place then we are able to to be more economical with our energy and how we respond to life situations.
Cultivating mindfulness is the key to overcoming suffering and recognizing natural wisdom: both our own and others’.
Mindfulness meditation is unique in that it is not directed toward getting us to be different from how we already are. Instead, it helps us become aware of what is already true moment by moment. We could say that it teaches us how to be unconditionally present; that is, it helps us be present with whatever is happening, no matter what it is.

​​​​​​​​​​Gabrielle Gerard-Jenks E RYT 500 CIAYT Yoga Therapy & Consciousness 
Awareness Sessions  ~ Transparency Coach
Certification in TriYoga/Yoga Teacher Mentoring