​BreathWork® Sessions:

A free thirty-minute session initial consultation is available by phone or in person. 

The BreathWork® model focuses on personal profiling and assessment in formulating a progressive approach that addresses individual needs and differences. Some sessions focus on restoring physical health and well being, while others focus on personal and spiritual development. This customization is based on a confidential questionnaire and interview, followed by a breathwork session. 

Barratt BreathWork® Private Sessions

A progressive sequence of "one-on-one" sessions designed to provide a systematic approach to healing and self-development. Sessions combines contemplative and rhythmic breathing practices with Eastern meditative techniques. Two hour sessions include metaphysical and spiritual mentoring. Work with the bioenergy of a client’s field is also included in a breathwork session. Meditation training is available upon request (basic and advanced levels).


Sixty-minute session $80.00

Ninety-minute session $125.00

Barratt BreathWork® Skype Sessions

Ninety-minute session $100.00  (Actual time online is 75 minutes)  Start time may be delayed 10-15 minutes due to prior in-house appointment. A progressive sequence of guided breath sessions designed to provide a systematic approach to enhance healing and self-development. 

What to Expect in a Private Barratt Breath Session:

A typical session is composed of four segments, which are customized for your particular needs. They are described briefly below:

Systematic Relaxation: Your breath session begins with a guided relaxation to prepare the body and mind for breathwork.

Intention: For the purpose of deep focus and clarity, you will be guided in setting an intention at the beginning of breathwork.  This intention is a precise and short statement about what you seek to attain as a result of your effort. An intention can be both practical as well as inspirational in nature.

Breathwork: Assisted by your facilitator, you will participate in a progressive series of breathing practices that will address your individual needs, interests and intentions.

Stillness & Meditation: All breathwork ends with a time of "stillness." This part of the session is very important, because it gives both your body and mind the opportunity to adjust to the biological and energetic changes that have occurred as a result of the breathwork. As your breath practice matures, this segment evolves into a formal meditation segment.

Customization:  If you are new to Barratt BreathWork®, this customization is based on a confidential questionnaire that you will complete upon arrival at your first session, supplemented by a brief discussion. If you are already in our program, the customization is based upon your evolving needs and interests as they have developed during earlier sessions. These sessions evolve from Foundational practices, to Intermediate and finally to Advanced levels in both Breath and Meditation.