Restorative Breathwork

Restorative Breathwork® offers a sequential process of moving inward: first into the body, then the breath, then the mind, and then emptying into a deep inner stillness.

Opening To Stillness

We open and close every Restorative Breathwork® session with a guided relaxation segment that focuses on systematically relaxing the entire body. This practice of conscious relaxation requires a balance between allowing the body to let go and relax, and at the same time staying alert and attentive. Inviting an attentive presence to different parts of the body in an established sequence cultivates a set of conditions that calms the nervous system and brings clarity to the mind. Cultivating this inner stillness is important as we prepare for the breathwork segment, as well as being equally important for when we transition into to a period of meditation.


As we begin to quiet the mind and body through systematic relaxation, the next step is to set an intention. Setting an intention at the beginning of Restorative Breathwork®, brings a deeper focus and clarity to one’s experience. An effective intention is a short and precise statement about what you seek to attain. Ideally this intention should be of an inspirational nature—one that fills your practice with vitality and purpose.


As we now have invited stillness to the body and clarity of intention to the mind, we are ready to explore the inner dimensions of the breath. We begin with cultivating a relationship with the breath as it is, resisting the urge to judge or alter it in any way. Emphasis is on cultivating a “witnessing presence” of the breath. This simple yet powerful approach begins the process of unraveling tensions in the breath. We then progress to modifying the breath by cultivating its natural movements as a means to stimulate and awaken the innate breath, encouraging it to dismantle deeper patterns of tension. This part of the session becomes an exquisite dance, as we alternate between yielding to the innate breath's movements and gently modifying the breath. As our breath becomes more free and uninhibited, the innate breath becomes more engaged, inviting us upon an inner journey of healing, transformation and awakening.


Each segment of a Restorative Breathwork® session is part of a sequential process designed to turn our attention inward, eventually bringing us to the doorway of meditation. As we acquire deep states of inner stillness in meditation, moments of silence seem to gently come upon us. These moments in the beginning can be rather short, yet settling into this silence, for even a little while, is immensely impactful. In this “inner quiet,” there is a vibrancy, a quality of consciousness that is transforming. As our meditation deepens, these moments of silence lengthen, enhancing an expanded awareness and an inner vitality. It is in this deep inner silence that we discover an unmistakable presence of consciousness—awake, fully alert, and resting in the heart of transcendental awareness.