Currently all one on one sessions are being done online. How this works is we connect through zoom from the comfort of your home. I create a private room for us to meet in through the online platform. That is the area where I can provide you reading material, audio meditations, lessons and recordings. You would be able to access this content 'any' time.

Awareness sessions offer an opportunity to realize and engage with your most authentic self, align with your highest potential, and tap into a beautiful interpretation of life. Your personal expansion is facilitated and supported by gentle, intuitive communication with your unconscious aspects through various modalities, based on what is needed. This method is designed to resolve imbalances at their root, rather than symptom. You will become aware of and release what no longer serves you, realign with your Truth, and remember who you really are- an everlasting mirror of the Divine.

Therapeutic Breathwork has many titles in modern yoga and somatic industries. The roots of this practice actually pre-date yoga as an indigenous or shamanic form of breath activation that restores life and wholeness to the' ‘Breather’. It is markedly different from traditional yogic pranayama - that keep the practitioner overlaying a breath pattern on top of their own true patterns and functioning in the frontal cortex (which doesn’t allow clearing through the limbic system).

Pranayama is highly effective in maintaining healthy lifestyle and habits - but not the right medicine for addressing longstanding illness, grief, fear or anxiety. For that Therapeutic Breathwork is a powerful, effective and illuminating path of practice that can be used to assist the breather to access and regain their optimal mental, emotional and physical health.

Clients can create their own course of Breathwork in a series of Private Sessions designed to heal and release trauma from the body-mind. They can also choose a group practice format, either way.