Gabrielle has studied and continues to study with a variety of teachers of Yoga, Breath, Meditation and the teaching of the Mystery Schools. She sees people privately in person and through Zoom. Teaches Yoga in Norfolk and Va. Beach ~ weekly classes and trainings. 

She began her studies of yoga, breath, and meditation in the early 1990’s with Kathleen Barratt at the Subtle Energy Institute in Virginia Beach, VA.
She is recognized as an advanced teacher in facilitating and teaching Breathwork, mindfulness and meditation with groups and individuals. She offers trainings in Barratt Breathwork, Meditation and Mindfulness. 


​Gabrielle often works in tandem with therapists to support the work they are doing in session.

She is a certified instructor of the KaliRayTriYoga Method of Hatha Yoga. KaliRay - Creator of KaliRay TriYoga ~ Basics through Level 2  

She is certified to teach yoga at the 200 and 300 hour through Anna Pittman and continues her studies with Anna through Transparency Coaching.